Photography: Alex MacLean captures the patterns of civilisation from planes

Alex has been leaning out of plane windows to capture his shots ever since being awarded his pilot’s license in the 1970s, and he hopes that his photographs will encourage viewers to consider the impact of pollution and resource extraction on the environment. He explains: “Through sort of abstract and engaging patterns, those things will draw people into it to hopefully think about these issues. It really is about combining art and information. Some of it is sort of subliminal – you can’t quite put your finger on it but it sort of draws you in and engages you.”

via[it’s nice that], All images © Alex MacLean

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Feast Your Eyes On These Infinitely Looping Flipbooks

Every kid loves a flipbook. It’s magic, at first sight, the way flipbooks bring sketches to life one frame at a time. But, horribly, flipbooks might also represent one of the first of many disappointments in a kid’s life: Pages run out, the animation stops dead.

Now, artist Juan Fontanive has discovered the equivalent of flipbook immortality, or maybe the fountain of flipbook youth. He crafts custom stainless steel boxes fitted with motors and intricate gears, which drive his screenprinted animations of birds and butterflies in endless, Rolodex-style loops. The results feel like classically illustrated nature books brought to life.


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8 hours of non-stop plane departures stitched into a single photograph

Nothing beats watching a plane take off (or land). It’s a mesmerizing experience if you’re an aviation enthusiast and even if you aren’t, you will still appreciate the spectacle of the massive metal flying machines. Mike Kelly is one of those enthusiasts and he also happens to be an architectural photographer. Taking his camera out to the south complex at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), he spent nearly eight hours trying to capture the goings of airliners. Then, he spent an additional eight hours in Photoshop stitching each shot together to create a jaw-dropping collage. The dual runways at LAX made for the perfect size and depth of each airplane.

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Chloe Early’s dreamlike paintings merge weightlessness with despair

In the 16th century, Saint Teresa of Ávila spoke of being visited by an angel, of “the sweetness of this excessive pain” as he pierced her heart with a golden shaft. Theresa’s words, and her canonization some 40 years after her death, led the prominent 17th-century artist and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini to sculpt her as a figure bridging the seemingly disparate states of religious and almost sexual euphoria. The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa remains one of the most important and well-studied Baroque sculptures, and it’s also the inspiration for a major London show from Irish artist Chloe Early.

Suspended is an all-new collection from Early that captures a single figure in a state of weightlessness. “I wanted to capture the figures at the point where it was uncertain if they are involved in the glory of a rise or the danger of a fall and ‘suspend’ them in that moment,” Early says, “with every ecstatic moment comes the knowledge that that moment will pass.”

All images © Chloe Early

via[The Verge]

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World’s longest desk? Massive, undulating desk accommodates 145 office workers

New York-based Barbarian Group wanted a collaborative work space—an office where all employees would be able to sit at a desk, but where they could still escape to creative work areas.

Clive Wilkinson was the architect who made their vision a reality, according to Business Insider.

The desk, made out of 4,400 sf of plywood and one continuous sheet of resin, is so big that all 145 employees can share it.

Barbarian also made this video to showcase their new space

via[Building Design + Construction]

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Manipulated Photos Of Death-Defying Scenes

Photographer Robert Jahns aka nois7 creates amazing manipulated photos of death-defying scenes. Through the magic of Photoshop, he arranges thrilling elements of danger in seemingly ordinary images of city skylines and urban landscapes. In his snaps, cyclists and skateboarders perform stunts above railway tracks and buildings, a rollercoaster plunges off a mountain and a girl is performing artistic stunts on a skyscraper. For more of his surreal images, check his Instagram.

via[IGNANT], All images © Robert Jahns

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In Orbit

‘In Orbit’ ´wonderful suspended installation by Tomás Saraceno at the K21 Staendehaus museum in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Titled In Orbit the giant interactive piece is constructed from three separate levels of safety nets accessible from various points in the museum separated by enormous PVC balls measuring almost 30 feet (8.5 meters) in diameter. The resulting aerial landscape is an interesting hybrid between science fiction, spider webs, neural pathways and cloud formations.


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Zoey and Jasper

Meet Zoey and Jasper. Lifestyle photographer Grace Chon recently turned the camera on her 10-month-old Chinese-Korean baby Jasper and their 7-year-old rescue dog Zoey, putting them side by side in the most adorable portraits you’ll see today.

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How to Make Easter Bunny Softies From Socks (handicraft instruction)

Instead of giving chocolate this Easter, get crafty and make these adorable rabbits from little socks. Soft toys made from socks are fairly quick to make and don’t require a lot of sewing. What are you waiting for? Hop to it.

GET INSTRUCTION: Try it yourself!

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Making lunch exciting

San Francisco-based blogger and father-of-three Beau Coffron, better known as the Lunchbox Dad, creates little edible art pieces in lunch boxes that his daughter takes with her to school.

Beau knows every story and fictional character that his first-grader likes to play with, watch or read about. As soon as a fictional character finds their way to the girl’s heart, they find their way to her lunchbox as well, with her creative and loving father’s help. The two of them recently finished reading “The Chronicles Of Narnia,” so her lunch has lately been cut and organized to look like characters from these classic books.

Although he’s happily married with three kids and a full-time job, Beau still finds time to create these Bento boxes for his daughter, and sometimes for his other children as well, even though they’re still too young for school. He says it’s a great way to bond with his kids and learn more about their developing personalities.


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Real Animals Pose With Humans In Mystical Photographs By Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova is a young Moscow-based fine art photographer who brings animals and humans together in her spiritual and magical photography. Her fairy-tale-inspired works recreate the long-lost or long-forgotten bond between animals and humans. The unusual selection of animals in Plotnikova’s striking works and their tender interactions with humans make her photography seem like digitally enhanced artwork. However, all of the animals are real and alive. Plotnikova’s wild ideas materialized with the help of animal trainers as well as understanding and devoted professional models. The contrast of the wild animals and their fragile-looking human partners make the scenes look serene, mystical and nostalgic, reminding us of the fundamental affinity of all living creatures.


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Tiny Tattoos Matched With Parallel Backgrounds by Austin Tott

American photographer Austin Tott has captured a series of photographs titled ‘tiny tattoos’ that match miniature, hand-drawn body art to backgrounds


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I’m in Paris, France!🇫🇷

I’m in Paris, France!🇫🇷